Documentation overview

Floro's documentation is designed to be used by both developers and general users of the product. For an in-depth technical overview of floro please read our technical overview.

While we would love for our documentation to be comprehensive and easy enough for you to figure anything out on your own, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord if you can't figure out what you're looking for. If you see an area of the documentation that you believe you could improve upon, please write us on Discord for push access to the floro-mono

Product documentation

Our product documentation is broken into the following sections and should be accessible to non-engineers.

In-House Plugin documentation

These sections are for learning about the plugins floro has developed in-house. Third party plugins will likely manage their own documentation. These sections contain both product overviews as well as details on how to integrate with these plugins.


a plugin for managing strings, copy, content documents & comprehensive translation management


a plugin for managing svgs, color consistency, & icon theming


a plugin for managing color themes, and themed states


a plugin for creating a color palette that can be easily consumed by other plugins

Developer documentation

Our developer documentation assumes familiarity with common web development practices and protocols. It may be beneficial to review the product documentation before diving into the developer documentation. There's not really a standard API for floro as it's really up to you, the developer, to create your own API with floro. However, we've broken the documentation into sections that we believe to be useful in getting you up to speed.