Floro Chrome Extension

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We will go over installing and using the floro chrome extension in this section.


If you haven't already -- install the chrome extension..

Pin Extension

Next pin the extension in Chrome.

Create a Local API Key

From your home dashboard click "Developer Settings". From the "Local API Keys" tab, click the "create api key" button.

Next, enter the api key into the browser extension.

Using the Extension

If you have the repository downloaded that is used by the website you're trying to edit, you should be able to start testing local changes against the website. To do so, enable edit mode in the extension by clicking "turn on floro edit mode". When you make local changes, they will only appear on your computer. You do not need to worry about accidentally breaking your production website.

Debug Mode

Some plugins have debug options. Of the floro in-house plugins, only the text plugin has a debug mode.

From debug mode, you are able to open a phrase in floro without having to search the phrase from the plugin. You are also able to quickly view the Phrase Group and Phrase Key of a piece of text on your website.

You can easily implement your own custom debug modes for your own plugins or to existing plugins that you think could benefit from a helpful debug mode.

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In the next section we will be covering copying and pasting.