Consultation Services

Floro is designed to be a self-serve product but we also understand that it can be quite a bit of work to get it setup or customized exactly to your needs. We offer a range of professional services to help you get the most out of floro.

You'll get consultation from an engineer with over a decade of experience working on software engineering and managment at Silicon Valley companies from Airbnb to the scrappiest of startups. Our designer has over four years of experience and designed the entire floro product suite. We're happy to work with your product & design teams to ensure you get the most out of floro.

Contact Us

Reach out to us at consulting@floro.io or sales@floro.io. We work on a first come first serve basis and will try to get a quote back to you with SLAs as quickly as possible. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are happy to do in-person consultations as well.

You can also book time with us for a free consultation

Here is my (Jamie Sunderland's) personal Calendly Link.

Want to consult for floro?

We're happy to recommend other open source contributors for consulting as well. Reach out to us on discord (privately) for us to list you on this page as an available contact for offering floro consultation services.

Services Offered


We can install floro into just about any code base. We have templates for the most common React frameworks but we can adjust floro to work with just about any interface. We have years of experience with web, mobile, and desktop development.

Mobile Installation

Mobile installations are a little bit more complicated than website due to the sandboxed nature of mobile platforms. We can help you design & develop an internal tool for using floro in your mobile app(s).

Self-Hosting & Self-Distribution

If you want help setting up floro in your own infrastructure, we are more than happy to accommodate. We can also help you with releasing an internal desktop distribution of floro.

Custom Plugins

If you have an idea for a custom plugin, we're happy to create it for you or help you create it yourself.


We don't want to leave you high and dry on version 0. We'll come back to help upgrade you to the latest versions of floro.

Team Training

We want version control to be an inclusive technology, not something just for software engineers. We also understand it doesn't click for everyone over-night.

It's unlikely your engineers will need much assistance in grasping version control but it can be challenging for other team members if it's not something they're already accustomed to. We'd love to work with your team to find the most effective processes for everyone. Introducing the right release strategy for your team can eliminate a lot of process overhead that might come from blindly applying a strategy employed by a different company or team.