While floro is in beta, our cloud hosted product is entirely free to use for all. We are highly appreciative of your willingness to test-drive the product!

floro.io hosted

[public or personal]


unlimited use

Free for organizations with private repositories and less than 6 members. See details below.

floro.io hosted

[private organization]


per org member

per month

Only for organizations with private repositories. See details below.

Pricing Details:

Although floro is an open-source product, we are still a business that needs to find a way to make money that works for us, our users, and our customers.

We are happy to host any public repository or plugin on our servers for free. We are also happy to host all personal repositories and plugins for free, regardless of whether they are public or private.

To be clear, floro will always be free for your organization if all of your organization's repositories are public. Additionally floro will always be free for personal repositories and plugins.

Our current plan for pricing is to charge $25 per active member per month of an organization with one or more private repositories. We will not charge organizations for additional private repositories. All organizations get up to 5 members before we begin charging.

If you don't want to pay us or use our servers, you are always free to self-host. We even provide the terraform to help you get started in our oss section.

We also do consulting!

The best way to support us (and the most sustainable way to support us) is to hire us to help you fully utilize floro. We're happy to help you host your own instance or distribution of floro, create custom plugins, generators and develop custom architectures and integrations based on your specific use cases and needs. See our consulting page to learn more.